• When a disaster strikes, Communitere responds within hours. Our assessment team works with community members and organizations to determine their needs and provides immediate emergency services support.

  • Through a ground up approach, Communitere launches location-specific relief programs that foster connectivity. Our programs aim to fill gaps in humanitarian assistance and promote sustainable resource use.

  • Communitere adopts meaningful exit strategies. Where appropriate, we help create lasting infrastructures that can be used and maintained by local communities. We empower disaster survivors to renew their communities with their ideas & their goals.

Communities United in Response Relief and Renewal

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Follow-up: Recognizing Community Leaders

At 5:00 pm on Wednesday 25 June , representatives of peace-oriented organizations, representatives of the press and the private sector, acquaintances from across Port au Prince, friends from our sister ghettos of Martissant and Belaire, and hundreds of residents from Cite Soleil gathered in Place Fierte to get to know one another and exchange ideas […]

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Come and join the Haiti Communitere operational team!

Haiti Communitere is looking for new members to extend its core team! Where would you best fit?   “Storyteller”  Communications Intern (or long term volunteer) “Host with the Most” Hospitality and Event Planning Intern (or long term volunteer) “Captain Planet” Environmental Impact Intern (or long term volunteer)   Apply for one of these positions and become part […]

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Recognizing Community Leaders in Cite Soleil

Robillard Louino, a community leader from Cite Soleil and a member of HC’s Board, is launching an initiative to recognize ordinary citizens in Cite Soleil who are doing extraordinary things to build peace in their communities. With all of the negative attention that Cite Soleil receives because of its history of gang violence, the positive work of local community groups and leaders is often ignored or overlooked. To counter this under-appreciation of local heroes, Robillard will award four residents of Cite Soleil with a peace prize in June. He hopes it will not only encourage these four individuals to stay motivated, but inspire others to follow their lead, and demonstrate that the people of Cite Soleil want – and are willing to work for – peace.

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