Resource Center

The Haiti Communitere Sustainability Resource Center (HCSRC) is the collaborative efforts of our partner networks. The HCSRC is a place that fosters creativity and connectivity while inspiring the Haitian and International development efforts.

Through shared overhead our partner organizations are able to streamline their in country activities and focus their efforts on project based initiatives. This shared overhead environment not only reduces costs for international organizations, but redistributes revenue to Haitian inspired projects and continuously developing the HCSRC to address the desires of our partners.

Construction Resources

  • Workshop:

    The Resource Center maintains an undercover workshop that is fully equipped for construction projects, featuring ample workspace and a mechanical pit

  • Tools:

    A full range of power and hand tools are available for construction projects.

  • Storage:

    A number of 53 foot shipping containers are kept onsite at the resource center for secure storage.

Accommodation Services

    • Accomodation brochure

      Prices include: Breakfast and dinner (Monday through Saturday), 24-hour security, unlimited clean drinking water, access to shared shower and restroom, full use of facilities, and wi-fi internet.

  • Tents:

    The majority of our volunteers and partners sleep in tents around the perimeter of the resource center. Both empty spaces and tents, equipped with mattresses, are available for rent.

  • Rooms:

    There are several bedrooms within the main building of the resource center available for rent for both long and short term stays. Each room is fitted with a bed and shelving, as well as access to electricity.

  • Sustainable living options:

    Inside the walls of the resource center, there are a number of models for sustainable building projects that are also available for rent. These include the Earthship, the straw bale house, the super adobe house, and shipping container houses.

  • Compost toilet system:

    We utilise a compost toilet system for residents of the resource center. The compost is used throughout the grounds to nurture our flourishing gardens, and keep our environment ‘green’.

  • Shower facilities:

    There are five showering cubicles with access to treated water.

  • Kitchen:

    A fully equipped communal kitchen is available for use, with meal service two times per day Monday-Saturday.

  • 24 hour security:

    The entrance is constantly under guard and there are regular patrols of the Resource Center grounds in order to ensure the safety of volunteers, partners and visitors.

  • High speed internet:

    Accessible throughout the main building as well as in the outdoor communal areas

  • Communal areas:

    There are several outdoor seating areas within reach of internet access, which are used for work, relaxation and social gatherings.

Corporate Resources

  • Conference and training room:

    An air-conditioned meeting room with a seated capacity of 20 people and a round table capacity of 10 people. This space provides community and partner organizations with a neutral zone to meet with government officials and other non-governmental organizations.

  • Computer laboratory:

    A designated room for computer use with three workstations and printing/scanning facilities.

  • Private office space:

    A quiet work area that is ideal for small meetings and teleconferences.

  • High speed internet:

    Accessible throughout the main building as well as in the outdoor communal areas.

  • Conducive environment:

    With Haiti Communitere acting as a hub for various humanitarian efforts, the Resource Center has become a sustainability permaculture and a great environment for idea development.

Haiti Communitere Consultation Services

  • Staff:

    Our experienced staff, many of whom have been living in Port-au-Prince for several months, can assist with country and industry specific queries.

  • Translators:

    Where partners do not speak Haitian Creole, our staff can source translators for community interaction. Onsite language tutoring can also be arranged.

  • Transport:

    Haiti Communitere has a list of trustworthy drivers on call and staff can assist with travel arrangements and price negotiations.

  • Network:

    Haiti Communitere has a strong network of trusted suppliers and labourers, and active communities within the greater Port-au-Prince area available for partner organizations to tap into.